An Overview On Pomeranian

Tiny, bright-eyed, and spunky, the adorable Pomeranian is endless curious, and more than happy to be the cutest thing in your world. One of the most popular breeds in the world, Pomeranians are surprisingly adaptable and perfectly suited for urban living.

In fact, a Pomeranian is the ideal canine companion for the urban dweller. They don’t need much room to exercise and are more than content to live in a small apartment. Which isn’t to say that your Pomeranian won’t love the outdoors. This sled dog turned lap dog loves long walks, chasing leaves and playing with other small dogs.

Pomeranians are also surprisingly athletic, agile, and intelligent. When not pining for their owner’s attention, Pomeranians can be found trotting around the house on a special canine mission or performing as a top athlete on the agility course and in and winning best-in-show competitions.

Pomeranians have an iconically beautiful, albeit profuse double coat that needs lots and lots of brushing but is otherwise easy to care for. Poms also bark…. A lot and can be a challenge to housetrain. Like most small breeds, however, with patience, consistency and lots of loving care and attention, your Pomeranian will quickly become your cutest friend, and most loyal companion.

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Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranian puppies are friendly, affectionately, and, like all small dogs, have special needs. Pomeranian puppies have an unusually high metabolism. It’s important that they eat often to maintain a healthy body weight of 3-7 pounds by 6 months.

Pomeranians have delicate bones that make them more susceptible to physical injury; puppies should be handled with care. Your puppy will need a safe, cozy place to sleep, with easy access to fresh water.

New Pomeranian puppies are very curious, and full of energy.  Therefore, it’s important for owners should take steps to puppy-proof their home to prevent curious puppies from sticking their noses where they shouldn’t.

Small dog puppies, like the Pomeranian are prone to separation anxiety and may chew furniture, or bark excessively if left alone and not adequately exercised. Your new Pomeranian puppy will also require at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Pomeranians are also known to dart off in pursuit of any interesting scent or leaf that peaks their interest. Fenced in yards, leashes and a watchful eye are always recommended.

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Bella – Female

Gender: Female Age: 8 weeks DOB: August 22, 2022 available: November 14, 2022 Color: Blue Sable Mom's Weight9 - 10 lbs. Dad's Weight7 - 8 lbs. Registry: AKC Variety: English

Howdy – Male

Gender: Male Age: 5 weeks DOB: August 22, 2022 available: November 14, 2022 Color: Blue Merle Mom's Weight9 - 10 lbs. Dad's Weight7 - 8 lbs. Registry: AKC

Lil Tikko -Male


Gender: Male

Age: 26 weeks

DOB: March 23, 2022 Available: I'm ready today! color : orange Mom's Weight: 6 - 7 lbs. Dad's Weight: 4 - 4 1/2 lbs. Registry : AKC

Paco -Male

Gender: Male Age: 4 weeks DOB: August 22, 2022 Available : November 14, 2022 Color: Red Sable Mom's Weight: 9 - 10 lbs. Dad's Weight: 7 - 8 lbs. Registry: AKC

Peanut – Female

Gender: Female Age: 7weeks DOB: August 22, 2022 Available: November 14, 2022 Color: pure white Mom's Weight9 - 10 lbs. Dad's Weight7 - 8 lbs. Registry: AKC

Pixie -Female


Gender: Female

Age: 5 weeks

DOB: August 13, 2022 Available: October 17, 2022 Color: Beaver Mom's Weight :8 - 9 lbs. Dad's Weight :7 - 8 lbs. Registry :AKC