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Idolpetsdaycare offers an endless array pet supplies including all of the puppy essentials and is constantly updating its inventory of products for puppies. Check out our puppy shop to make sure that you have everything that you need for your puppy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Puppy Supplies & Accessories

What supplies do I need for a puppy?

The supplies you need for a puppy include puppy food, dog bowls, a bed, a collar and leash, dog ID tags and a dog crate. Your puppy will also need toys, training treats, grooming supplies and things like puppy pads and puppy-safe cleaning supplies for when “accidents” happen. Your vet can advise you on the right supplies to get when you bring home a new puppy and install a microchip to help get him home if he gets lost. The Idolpetsdaycare Puppy Shop has a great selection of all the essentials your new puppy will need.

What food and treats can I feed my puppy?

You can feed your puppy food and treats specifically labeled for use by puppies. Feed your puppy a complete and balanced dog food formulated especially for puppies and look for treats made for puppies, as well. Puppies need extra nutrition and supplements like DHA for proper development. They also need treats that aren’t too large or hard for puppy teeth. Teething puppies may benefit from special teething treats that feel good on their gums as they chew. Consult your vet if you are unsure which food and treats might be best for your young furry friend.

What are the best puppy supplies to buy?

The best puppy supplies to buy are those that fit the current needs of your pet and those that he can continue to use as he gets older. Choose a crate that will be big enough for your dog’s full size at maturity and use a crate divider to make it the right size while he’s still little. Fast-growing dogs may outgrow petite beds quickly, so consider sizing up to get more use out of the bed you choose. You will also need to pick sturdy toys that can stand up the lively play style of a puppy. Of course, many puppy supplies will need to be small enough and made for puppies so your young pup can safely use them. Check out product descriptions and read reviews to see which puppy supplies might be best for your young friend!

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