International Day of Charity – for pet lovers

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The UK is a nation of givers, something that we can all take pride in. As a society we are very charitable and people come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful ways of raising funds for their chosen organization.

The 5th of September 2022 is International Day of Charity. A day when we pause and give focus and respect to all those philanthropists that have worked and continue to work hard for great causes. At Pets4Homes we obviously have a special interest in pet charities and we thought it would be very apt to shine a light on some of the super charitable organizations around the UK doing stellar work with animals.

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust started out in 1891 and has been known for most of its life as the National Canine Defense League, changing to Dogs Trust in 2003. Their mission is to continuously improve dog welfare across the UK and abroad – Dogs Trust Worldwide launched in 2016. They are working tirelessly in so many ways to ensure that dogs have a great quality of life without fear of destruction. Celebrate International Day of Charity by volunteering, fostering, adopting, fundraising, gift-giving (they have so many cute gifts online!), sponsoring, partnering or going to dog school with your pet! The possibilities are endless.


Battersea has been rescuing dogs and cats for around 160 years. They’re experts in the field and are beginning to share their intricate knowledge via Battersea Academy which is just such a wonderful initiative for learning and sharing. Apart from giving or getting involved in the usual ways this International Day of Charity, people living in Guildford and Ashford can do some really hands-on work with Battersea Communities. It’s another new initiative for helping dogs and cats in areas without rehoming centers. This project will surely be rolled out in more areas if successful. Otherwise, why not join in with Battersea’s Walk for Rescue this September?


Woodgrain may not be a name you think of as an established dog charity but has recently shot to fame on Channel 4’s The Dog House. Delve into their tireless work in dog welfare – even tuning in and raising awareness truly helps. Woodgreen has fantastic ways of being a passive donor, including making your purchases through Amazon Smile or if you’re feeling energetic, they have loads of fun ideas and guidance for holding your own fundraiser. Don’t forget to check out the plethora of pet advice they have on their site, direct from their team of experts.

Greyhound Trust

Greyhounds are so often overlooked aren’t they? After their lives as racing dogs come to an end, all they need is a peaceful home, some love and affection to ensure they have a carefree retirement. That’s where the Greyhound Trust comes in. In existence since 1975, they have rescued over 100,000 retired racing dogs. The trust relies heavily on volunteers and fortunately has some celebrity greyhound ambassadors including Twiggy and Uri Geller. The Greyhound Trust receives a lot of donations through legacies; a morbid thought perhaps but why not change your will to benefit these beautiful deserving creatures?

The Little Cabin Rescue

It seems only right to include a smaller rescue in this list, as, let’s face it, they get far less attention than ones with a bigger marketing budget. The Little Cabin Rescue is a Scottish dog shelter for the underdogs. Those dogs that are older, less likely to be adopted, bigger breeds or those that are just more of a handful are welcome here. Thank goodness for rescues like this!


Muthapuppa is not a charity but they are on a mission to support dog welfare and rescue. Their joyous online shop is packed full of goodies for your canine and 100% of profits go to dog rescue charities. If you’re looking for a guilt-free way of shopping for your four-legged friend, you just found it!

Charity begins at home, or so they say. Extend the love you feel for your own furry friend to all the dogs out there and give generously! Although we’ve highlighted a few dog charities here, there are thousands out there and chances are you have a local one in your area. This International Day of Charity is a perfect excuse to get involved, get fundraising or leave a legacy. Labrador Retriever Starla Female Puppy For Sale In Canada,  Labrador Retriever Starla Female Puppy For Sale In Canada

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